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Top tips for driving in the snow

Cars driving in the snow on a motorway

Introduction: As the winter season graces the landscape with a pristine blanket of snow, the picturesque scenery transforms into a challenging driving terrain. Successfully navigating snowy roads requires a distinct set of skills and precautions, prioritizing the safety of both drivers and passengers. In this guide, we will explore essential tips and techniques for safe […]

Why you shouldn’t overload your car!

Pickup truck overloaded in English village

When preparing for a road trip or transporting heavy cargo, the significance of adhering to your vehicle’s weight limits cannot be overstated. While overloading a car may seem trivial, the repercussions can be substantial. This guide delves into the dangers of overloaded cars and provides essential tips on how to prevent them. Understanding Overloaded Cars […]

Why will no one insure my car?

The press are really jumping on the bandwagon at the moment about car insurance companies refusing to insure certain vehicles, especially those that have a high probability of being stolen. Securing car insurance in the UK can be hard work, in today article we take a look at different scenarios and how we can sort […]

How to make a claim for pothole damage

Potholes in the tarmac on an English Road

Encountering a troublesome pothole can send a disconcerting thud through your vehicle, signaling potential damage and looming repair costs. Yet, those responsible for maintaining the roads are legally obligated to ensure their proper upkeep. If they fall short of this duty, they are liable to cover the expenses for necessary repairs. Recent findings from Citroën’s […]

How to renew your Driving Licence as an Expat

UK Driving Licence as an Expat

Renewing a UK driving licence while residing in the UK is a straightforward process, but for expatriates living outside the UK, it entails navigating a different set of rules and considerations. This guide aims to offer a comprehensive overview of the factors that UK expats should bear in mind when renewing their UK driving licence. […]

Top tips for driving when the clocks go back

Clock above an old blue classic car

As the days shorten and the nights lengthen, we find ourselves amidst the annual tradition of the end of Daylight Saving Time. While many of us welcome the extra hour of sleep, the adjustment of clocks can significantly impact our daily routines, especially concerning driving. With darkness descending earlier, it’s crucial to adapt driving habits […]