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Our partnership with QuoteZone allows you to increase your chances of finding a great deal on your breakdown cover.

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Saving Money On Your Breakdown Cover

Whilst it’s very nice to stay loyal to your current breakdown cover, this loyalty might cost you extra money with the providers taking advantage of your continued custom.

Thanks to our partnership with QuoteZone, we promise to find you the best deal on your breakdown coverage, helping you and more importantly, your bank balance.

By understanding the needs of the customer, the comparison system will provide you with personalised breakdown cover quotes from some of the leading providers in the UK.

Start saving money and fill in our 2-minute form to start saving time and money.

Find Cheap Breakdown Cover

Save money on your breakdown cover by comparing quotes from up to 10 different providers in the UK

Why get a quote with einsure?

We understand that trying to find the best breakdown cover can be hard work and no two policies are the same. This is where our partnership with QuoteZone comes in

We understand that car insurance can be complicated and it can be very confusing to easily compare quotes on your next policy. This is where our partnership with QuoteZone comes in.

Whilst it might seem less hassle to stay with the same breakdown cover provider, we’ve found it is really important to shop the market to see if you can get a better deal.

What do I need to get breakdown cover quote?

It’s really quick and easy to get breakdown cover quotations using the QuoteZone system, you just need to provide the following:

Make sure you pick the right breakdown cover suited to your needs. If you have one vehicle with multiple drivers, it might be best to cover the actual car. If you drive multiple cars, the person may be better covered with breakdown assistance.

Find Cheap Breakdown Cover

Save money on your breakdown cover by comparing quotes from up to 10 different providers in the UK

Are you looking for cheap breakdown cover?

Our partnership with QuoteZone allows you to easily compare UK breakdown cover providers in the UK, it can provide cheap breakdown cover online quotes for cars, vans and motorbikes.

Breakdown cover provides you with a peace of mind, especially if you use your car/van on a daily basis whether it be the commute to work, school run or it might even play a major part in your income. By ustilising the QuoteZone online comparison tool, it will search well know breakdown cover providers and allows you to easily choose the level of cover that is suitable for you.

Getting a quote for breakdown cover takes minutes and is super simple to complete. Once you’ve entered all of the required fields the system will return quotes from different breakdown assistance providers in the UK.

As well as clearly displaying the quotations, it will also provide details of each policy and the level of cover provided.

How much is breakdown cover?

It is important to check your existing car insurance policy to make sure that you are not already paying for breakdown cover, if you cannot see that it is included it may be beneficial to add this on with your current insurer.

The exact price of breakdown cover will depend on various factors, this could include the vehicle type, the age and where you will be driving.

Comparing Breakdown Policies

To compare breakdown cover online, first narrow down the options on the policies, choose the options you need. Depending on a driver’s circumstances and the way they use their vehicle.

Some features like onward travel and European cover might prove useful for those that frequently travel for business or personal reasons, but it is pointless if a driver only uses their vehicle locally.

When you look at online comparisons, it is really important to look at the fine print and exclusions, ignoring this area could lead to loss of coverage. Most or some of the breakdown plolicies may have the following exclusions or stipulations

  • Annual (or Policy) limit on the number of call-outs
  • Vehicle weight or type limits
  • Human Errors such as mis-fuelling, lost keys or flat batteries.

Some breakdown policies also do not provide cover for wheel changes due to punctures.

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