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Can I get insurance to release my car from a compound?

Cars in a vehicle compound

Has your vehicle been recently compounded? You may not realise but quite a few traditional car insurance policies do not allow you to collect your vehicle using the provided insurance. Frustrating isn’t it? But our partners at GoShorty have released an insurance product that allows you to collect your car from a compound, taking just 2 minutes to sign-up and get the documents.

What is the purpose of this insurance policy?

The purpose of the Impound Release policy is to allow the owner of the vehicle to collect or recover their car from a Police of local authority impound following it’s seizure.

The insurance policy itself covers the basic requirements required to meet the requirements of a release of a vehicle from the impound, allowing the owner to take it away.

Key Information

Other Benefits

To be accepted for this you must have a valid UK postcode and their is no limit of the current penalty points on a licence, providing that the licence is still valid and registered to the correct address. You must not have a maximum of 10 previous claims over a 5 year period.

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To get a quote for the Impound Release Insurance Scheme click on the relevant buttons on this page, it takes just 2 minutes to get a price.

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Cars in a vehicle compound

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