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Insuring a house you’ve built yourself

Who hasn’t dreamed of building their own house? I’m sure at some point we all have. If you’ve employed a local professional builder to make your dreams a reality, insurance can be mind boggling. Thanks to our partnership with QuoteZone, we can help comparing quotes a breeze!

What to consider before building your house?

Thanks to a recent article from J&K Developments in Derby, they wrote about the Top 5 Considerations before building your own house – It is well worth a read, especially if you haven’t got your project off the ground yet.

Taking the main points from the website, here is a list of things to consider:

Comparing Home Insurance for a New House

It’s super important that you get the right home insurance coverage for your new property, make sure before you start trying to obtain quotes that you’ve got all of the relevant information.

This includes matieral type, security options and types of windows. It might ask you about local waterways and historic issues where the house has been built.

Click the button below and compare your home insurance quotes from multiple suppliers.

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