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Why will no one insure my car?

The press are really jumping on the bandwagon at the moment about car insurance companies refusing to insure certain vehicles, especially those that have a high probability of being stolen.

Securing car insurance in the UK can be hard work, in today article we take a look at different scenarios and how we can sort out insurance.

High-Value Vehicles

If you own a high-value vehicle, your insurance premiums will be higher than a more run-of-the-mill car. Younger drivers will of course be harder hit. Car insurance companies will impose coverage limits and exclusions on these higher-priced cars and this can lead to high car insurance premiums.

In this case it would be a good move o look at insurers specialising in high-value vehicles, by choosing the right company, they will let you know any limits on their policies and even suggest fitting equipment such as trackers or ghost immobilisers.

Vehicles That Have Been Imported

If you’ve purchased a vehicle abroad and imported it into the UK, you might find it much harder to secure car insurance. There are many reasons for this, it could be that the car doesn’t meet the UK standards of safety regulations or those that comply with Thatcham. To give yourself a good chance of insuring an imported vehicle, reach out to those who specialise in this sector.

Kit Cars

Kit-Cars and custom-built vehicles will face an increasingly difficult task in securing insurance. The designs may not adhere to Thatcham’s safety standards which can be difficult to prove otherwise. When looking at kit-car insurance, reach to the specialist providers who understand the complexities of kit-cars and custom cars.

Vehicle Modifications

Whilst it is amazing to see a standard car modified to look, sound or drive different, when it comes to providing car insurance coverage for a modified vehicle may give you a few headaches. Even minor alterations such as adding roof racks or an extended spoiler are classed as a modification and should be disclosed to your car insurance company. If you fail to disclose them, it could result in any claims being made invalid and you may also find it difficult in the future to get insurance.

Campervan Conversions

Campervans have really become very popular since Covid-19 and there are many homemade campervan conversions that have been carried out over the years as well as those modified by professional campervan fitters. Trying to find the correct insurance policy for one of these campers can prove challenging especially if the conversion has changed the class of the conversion. To help, aim for those specialising in specialised campervan insurance that cater for your vehicles and your personal needs.

Specialist Occupation

Your profession can have a huge impact on getting sensible car insurance quotes. Some car insurance providers view certain occupations as higher insurance risks, these can be footballers, actors or even deep-sea divers. When you look at comparing car insurance quotes, make sure that you give accurate employment details. Providing incorrect information can lead to your policy being cancelled and you may find it difficult to get insurance in the future. 

Criminal/Motoring Convictions

Having criminal/motoring convictions can have a huge effect on your car insurance premiums and may result in the insurance provider refusing insurance altogether. It is possible to find affordable car insurance premiums if you do have convictions but keep in mind that insurers will consider you as high risk. Take a look at specialist sites or comparison tools to help you find insurance companies who offer insurance for those with convictions.

High Risk Postcodes

Postcodes can have a major impact on your car insurance premiums and being based in Derby, we have heard how insurance prices have jumped when our clients have moved into a Nottingham postcode. Car Insurance providers consider claims history in UK postcode areas when they calculate insurance quotes. This is where comparing car insurance providers using tools such as the ones provided by our partners QuoteZone can help you find the best deal based on your postcode area.

Unusual Vehicles

The Thatcham database in the UK plays a major part in setting safety standards in the UK, it helps reduce insurance costs. If your vehicle is “non-standard” or doesn’t appear on the Thatcham database, it may prove very difficult to find car insurance at affordable rates. To overcome this issue, look for specialist insurance providers or brokers that offer policies for unusual vehicles.

Previous Policy Cancellations/Issues

If you have history of refusals or voided policies it can be a challenge to find the best car insurance prices in the future. Using comparison tools might not be your best bet in this instance as they are designed to automatically decline any quotations when you state that you may have had an issue in the past. In this case a specialist insurance broker would be highly beneficial to find the best prices on your car insurance.

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